About Us


Shantele D. Elmy graduated from the University of Michigan-Flint in 1997 with a BA in Criminal Justice/Sociology.  She went on to graduate from Washburn Law School in Topeka, Kansas in 2001 with her JD.  She interned at the Kansas Bureau of Work Comp Fraud and Abuse and at the pro bono Washburn Law Clinic where she assisted clients with things like divorce and Child in Need of Care.  She has been licensed to practice law since 2004 and also holds an MS in Addiction Counseling.

A Michigan Girl at Heart


Shantele grew up in Bridgeport, Michigan and went to Bridgeport High School where she graduated in 1993.  She is a volunteer attorney with Legal Services of Eastern Michigan where she handles bankruptcy and divorce cases.  She is also a volunteer attorney with the Access to Bankruptcy Court project.

Someone Who Will Listen


Shantele talks to her clients just like she talks to her mom or a friend. She is easy to talk to because she’s not just another stuffed shirt attorney.  She has been where you are.  She will talk to you in terms you can understand.  A few more points in her favor are:
  • She’ll talk to you at your level.
  • Her fees are competitive and payment plans are an option.
  • She won’t make you feel uneducated by throwing around her education.
Elmy 2

She’s Been in Your Shoes…


Shantele knows what you are going through because she has walked in your shoes.  She knows what it is like to be unemployed with thousands in medical bills and student loans, not knowing how she was going to pay for it.  This allows her to empathize with your case.  Her understanding and lack of legal jargon will set you at ease.



9am-5pm, M-F